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Lloyd Robertson
Lloyd Robertson was born in Stratford (January 19, 1934), Ontario, the son of Lilly Frances and George Henderson Robertson. His father had eight children with his first wife; after she died, he remarried and had two sons, Gordon and Lloyd; Lloyd was the youngest child. Robertson's father worked for the Canadian Pacific Railway, while his mother was a housewife. His father was of Scottish descent, while his mother emigrated from England.

A Canadian journalist and former news anchor who is special correspondent on CTV's weekly magazine series W5, Robertson served as the chief anchor and senior editor of CTV's national evening newscast, CTV News with Lloyd Robertson, until September 2011, when he retired from the CTV National News team. He co-hosted W5 from 2011 to 2016.

Robertson had a somewhat rough childhood, his mother suffered from mental-health problems which eventually resulted in her undergoing a prefrontal lobotomy, while his father, who was 60 at the time of Robertson's birth, frequently battled cancer and died when Robertson was 21. During his childhood, Robertson was also frequently cared for by his half-siblings, especially his twin siblings Irvin and Ethel.

He first became interested in broadcasting when he was 12 years old, watching soldiers from The Perth Regiment marching home from World War II, and heard the commentators from CJCS talking about it. According to Robertson, "I realized I was in the centre of something very important...something much bigger than myself."